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Cloudbuster Balloons

Attract Attention from Miles around with Cloudbuster Balloons

You’ve probably seen cloudbuster balloons a time or two – these giant 36” round helium balloons have a very unique feature… They can attract attention to your business from literally miles away! These oversized balloons sail high in the sky and attract a crowd quicker than you can say ‘boost in sales!’

They’re made of chloroprene so even though these are a temporary advertising tool, these jumbo helium balloons are durable and resist breaking in the hot sun. They are attached by a 100 ft. long pennant string to add a punch of color and boost the visibility even higher!

What are some ideas for using cloudbusters?

Cloudbusters are great for when you want to make sure everyone knows where you are. Events like:

  • Fun runs
  • Open houses
  • Grand openings
  • New home developments
  • Festivals

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Cloudbuster Balloons