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New Jersey

Advertising Flags

Eye Catching Advertising Flags in New Jersey

Advertising flags in New Jersey are your top advertising essential! At heights between 8’ to 15’ tall, they are positioned so that everyone passing by your location will notice them and the full color message they project. We offer them in a variety of sizes because not all spaces are the same – sometimes a large flag is the way to go (like by the side of a road). Sometimes a smaller flag is better (like in a trade show). Each flag features full color printing, durable hardware and the custom design of your choice. 

What are advertising flags used for?

Whether your location is celebrating a grand opening, a new product or promoting a sale, advertising flags are the outdoor decor element that your promotions should not be without. 

Flags are excellent for:

  • Announcing a new store
  • Working alongside your multi-channel advertising campaigns
  • Promoting your new product or service
  • Showing that you are Now Hiring
  • Driving downloads of your app

When you need to boost sales, but don’t want to spend a ton in the process, advertising flags are your cost effective solution.

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Advertising flags in New Jersey