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Planning an event in New Jersey and feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Event project management in New Jersey is a thriving industry, packed with creative professionals ready to transform your vision into reality. Let’s dive into the world of event decorators in New Jersey, those magicians who turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. From weddings and corporate events to intimate gatherings and grand celebrations, these experts use their creativity and expertise to ensure every detail is perfect. Whether you’re looking for stunning floral arrangements, elegant lighting, or unique themed decor, New Jersey’s event decorators can bring your dreams to life.


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Why You Need a Professional Event Decorators in New Jersey

Hiring a professional event decorators in New Jersey is a game-changer. These experts bring a level of creativity and precision that can elevate any event. From weddings and corporate gatherings to birthday parties and gala dinners, an experienced decorator ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed.


Benefits of Hiring Event Decorators in New Jersey

Imagine walking into a room where every element is perfectly coordinated, from the table settings to the lighting. Professional event decorators in New Jersey have the skills to create such cohesive and stunning environments. They save you time and stress, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event.


Impact on Event Success

A well-decorated event leaves a lasting impression on your guests. It’s the ambiance that sets the mood and tone, making your event memorable. Whether it’s a whimsical wedding or a sophisticated corporate function, the right decor can enhance the overall experience.


Top Qualities of an Outstanding Event Decorator

When choosing an event decorator, several key qualities make all the difference.



Creativity is at the heart of event decoration. Top decorators bring fresh, innovative ideas that can transform even the most challenging spaces, turning them into stunning, memorable experiences. Their unique vision and artistic flair ensure that each event is a distinctive celebration, captivating guests and leaving a lasting impression.


Attention to Detail

The best event decorators in New Jersey possess an impeccable eye for detail, ensuring that every element, no matter how small, seamlessly contributes to the overall aesthetic. Their meticulous approach guarantees a harmonious and visually stunning result, transforming any space into a cohesive and inviting environment. This attention to detail sets them apart as true masters of their craft.


Experience and Expertise

Experience counts. Seasoned decorators have a portfolio of successful events and a wealth of knowledge to navigate any challenges that arise. Their expertise ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed, providing peace of mind and guaranteeing a memorable event that exceeds expectations.


10 Jaw-Dropping Event Decorators in New Jersey

Now, let’s explore ten of the most impressive event decorators in New Jersey who are setting the bar high with their creativity, attention to detail, and unique designs. These professionals are renowned for transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, making every event unforgettable.


1. Elegant Events by Laura


Elegant Events by Laura is renowned for creating sophisticated and elegant event spaces.


Services Offered

Laura and her team offer full-service event planning, including floral arrangements, lighting, and custom decor.


Notable Projects

Their portfolio boasts high-profile weddings and corporate events, each exuding luxury and style.


2. Total Party


Total Party is known for its innovative and bold designs.


Services Offered

They provide everything from themed decorations to event rentals, ensuring a seamless experience.


Notable Projects

They’ve been the creative force behind numerous high-energy parties and themed events.


3. A to Z Party Planning


A to Z Party Planning excels in crafting personalized events that reflect the client’s unique vision.


Services Offered

Their services range from initial concept development to day-of coordination and decor setup.


Notable Projects

They’ve managed everything from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, each tailored to perfection.


4. EVJ Wedding Co.


EVJ Wedding Co. specializes in weddings with a touch of elegance and romance.


Services Offered

Their services include floral design, venue styling, and comprehensive wedding planning.


Notable Projects

Their work has been featured in several bridal magazines, highlighting their exquisite taste.


5. Viburnum Designs


Viburnum Designs is all about lush, floral-centric decor.


Services Offered

They provide stunning floral arrangements, event styling, and on-site installations.


Notable Projects

Their botanical themes have graced many weddings and upscale events, making them a favorite among nature lovers.


6. Party Time Rentals


Party Time Rentals offers more than just decor; they provide all the essentials for a successful event.


Services Offered

From tents and tables to elegant centerpieces, they have everything you need.


Notable Projects

They’ve supported numerous large-scale events with their extensive inventory and expertise.


7. Princeton Event Planning


Princeton Event Planning is a full-service event planning and decoration company.


Services Offered

They offer event coordination, decor design, and vendor management.


Notable Projects

Their portfolio includes high-profile corporate events and lavish private parties.


8. Jennifer Tolento Events


Jennifer Tolento Events is known for their chic and contemporary designs.


Services Offered

They provide custom event planning, decor, and styling services.


Notable Projects

Jennifer’s team has styled numerous trendy weddings and corporate events, always with a modern flair.


9. Jerrie’s Party Supply


Jerrie’s Party Supply is a go-to for festive and vibrant event decorations.


Services Offered

They offer a wide range of party supplies, from balloons to themed decor.


Notable Projects

They’ve been the creative force behind many community events and lively parties.


10. Exquisite Events by Raquel


Exquisite Events by Raquel stands out for its luxurious and meticulously planned events.


Services Offered

Raquel offers full-service event planning, including bespoke decor and event management.


Notable Projects

Her events are known for their grandeur and attention to detail, making every occasion unforgettable.


Choosing the Right Event Decorators in New Jersey for Your Needs

With so many talented event decorators in New Jersey, how do you choose the right one for your event? It’s essential to consider their experience, style, and reviews from previous clients. Meeting with potential decorators to discuss your vision and budget can also help ensure a good fit. Taking these steps will help you find a decorator who can bring your event to life with creativity and professionalism.


Assessing Your Event Needs

Start by determining the scope and style of your event. Are you planning a small, intimate gathering or a large, elaborate affair? Knowing your needs will help narrow down your options.


Budget Considerations

Budget is a crucial factor. Make sure to discuss your budget upfront with potential decorators to ensure their services align with your financial plan.


Reviewing Portfolios and Testimonials

Look at portfolios and read testimonials to get a sense of each decorator’s style and quality of work. This can provide valuable insights into their capabilities and reliability.


Event Project Management in New Jersey

event decorators in New Jersey play a vital role in event project management, ensuring everything runs smoothly from start to finish.


Role of event decorators in New Jersey in Project Management

Decorators often take on the role of project managers, coordinating all aspects of the decor and working closely with other vendors to ensure a cohesive look.


Coordination and Collaboration with Vendors

Successful event decoration requires seamless collaboration with florists, lighting technicians, and other vendors. Top decorators excel in managing these relationships.


Timeline Management

A well-managed timeline is essential for event success. Decorators help create and adhere to timelines, ensuring all elements are ready and perfect on the big day.



New Jersey boasts an impressive array of event decorators in New Jersey who can transform any event into a magical experience. From elegant weddings to high-energy parties, these professionals bring creativity, expertise, and attention to detail to every project. By understanding your needs and budget, and carefully reviewing portfolios, you can find the perfect decorator to bring your vision to life.



What should I consider when hiring an event decorator?

Consider their creativity, attention to detail, experience, and ability to manage your specific event needs within your budget.


How early should I book an event decorators in New Jersey?

It’s advisable to book at least six months in advance, especially for popular dates and high-demand decorators.


Can event decorators in New Jersey handle both small and large events?

Yes, professional decorators are equipped to handle events of all sizes, tailoring their services to meet the specific requirements of each event.


What are some trends in event decoration for 2024?

Trends include sustainable decor options, immersive experiences, bold color schemes, and personalized touches that reflect the host’s personality.


How do event decorators in New Jersey collaborate with other vendors?

They coordinate with florists, lighting technicians, and other vendors to ensure a cohesive design and smooth execution of the event.